Families In Need

Three Families in Need

This is a surreal moment for me. I have helped support three families for years, comforted knowing I was contributing to their success in life. Now I have been out of work for a while, unable to find work locally, which is a requirement as I take care of my mother. My family has been working through some health issues as well as a recent death. I'm out of ideas, money, and resources. I am ashamed, but I am asking for any help someone might feel inclined to provide. I don't know what to offer in return other than a thank you. I am a technical person and can help with many things computer, internet, Linux, or security related, and am willing to provide support for someone if I can. If you provide an email when donating I will provide a letter acknowledging your donation for your records. Once I can get back on my feet I will take this horrible plea for help down. Thank you for your time.

New Mexico